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Follow up Consult (45 min): $75      Session may include but is not limited to:
  • Customized Meal Plan
  • Pantry Checkout
  • Smart Shop visit (grocery store shop)
  • Race Day Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • ​Weight gain or loss strategies

Diet Analysis
General Nutrition
Initial Consult (75 min): $95
  • Review of 3 day diet diary
  • History and goals of your nutrition, medical and diet


 Education, dialogue and detailed write up on

 individualized needs and goals​​

"Training is the key to performance success.
Proper nutrition is the key to optimal training."

What we eat has a direct impact on health and performance levels. Whether you want to optimize your health, or you are looking to optimize your training and competition - having a nutritionist is motivational, and the most effective way to integrate nutritional strategies that will work for your needs and goals. This becomes even more important in events or workout sessions lasting for an hour or longer such as distance races or long sports games.

Sheryl is a current student of, and trained through IOC (International Olympic Committee).

Scientific Diet Analysis $95
Using professional Nutrition Software we assess your:
  • Macro and micro-nutrient value
  • Potential deficiencies or excesses

With the results we look at what supplements and/or foods you need to introduce to your diet, or remove from your diet, to optimize health and performance.