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With training in rehabilitation techniques, special needs, and exercise prescription for all ages and stages.  You have the option to work with our Registered Kinesiologist in the comfort of your home, on site, or in clinic space at Miltowne Physiotherapy, to book your appointmentclick here.

Do you feel like your daily routines and physical state are operating at a less than optimal level?

Have you been instructed to follow an exercise routine but you're not sure where to begin; or need a change and new inspiration to your current routine?

Did you know?

Some Insurance plans will cover Kinesiology services.

Check with your insurance provider to see if you have coverage.

Kinesiologist Initial Consult 75 minutes: $95**

  • Initial exercise assessment including tests for: flexibility, range of motion, strength, or aerobic capacity.  
  • Receive recommendations on exercises specific to your needs and goals (your Kinesiologist will go over these throughout the session to ensure you are fully comfortable with those recommendations BEFORE you leave).

Kinesiologist Follow-Up Consults 45 minutes: $75**

**All Kinesiology visits are considered a medical claim for tax purposes.  Please check with your health insurance provider, as many companies are now covering the costs of Kinesiologists since it has recently become a regulated health profession.**

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Kinesiologists in Ontario, please visit:

A prescribed routine by a registered kinesiologist may be  the support you need in attaining a more optimal state of functioning.

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