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Did you know? 
Kinesiology is a regulated profession in Ontario.
What does this mean? 
All persons providing Kinesiology Services must be registered with, and adhere to the strict guidelines of
What do you have to gain? Everything.
Who can benefit? Everyone.

"The College of Kinesiologists of Ontario (CKO) is the regulatory body for the profession of kinesiology in Ontario. The College is committed to ensuring excellent professional practice by registered kinesiologists. Through the establishment of entry-to-practice requirements and through the provision of continuous practice support, the College ensures that registered kinesiologists deliver competent, safe and ethical services"

Sheryl Ross is a registered member of


the study of human movement

Specifically, anyone:

• with the desire for enhanced health 

• who is an older adult 

• with muscular deficiencies 

• requiring injury rehabilitation

• living with a diagnosed disease; 

Type diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis

• interested in reducing their risk of heart disease or cancer

• struggling with their BMI  (under or over optimal weight)

• involved in an activity that involves regular repetition

• Knowledge that you are practising safely and in proper form

• Speed up healing and rehabilitation from injury

• Increased aerobic capacity and endurance

• Increased muscular strength and balance

• Increased performance at work and sport

• Prescribed health and nutrition strategies 

• Increased range of motion and flexibility

• Knowledge on how YOUR body works

• Increased energy and motivation

• Support disease prevention 

• Customized fitness plans

• Decreased stress levels

• Improve sleep quality